Dam Formwork DB180/240

TECON’s Dam Formwork DB180 and DB240 are purpose-built solutions designed for the efficient construction of one-sided concrete structures. These formwork systems offer exceptional reliability and robust load-bearing capabilities, eliminating the need for tie rods to traverse through the concrete. They find widespread utility in diverse projects like dams, river power stations, and navigation locks.

Key Features of Dam Formwork DB180/240:

  • Versatile Wall Formation: Capable of producing both single-sided inclined walls and double-sided inclined walls, enhancing project flexibility.
  • Robust Load Capacity: The formwork boasts high load-bearing capacity without relying on tie rods to navigate through the concrete structure, ensuring structural integrity.
  • Streamlined Crane Operations: The formwork’s unified design reduces crane setup time, optimizing construction efficiency.
  • Superior Safety: Equipped with a dependable anchorage system and robust bracket strength, it upholds the highest standards of on-site safety.
  • Compatibility: The system seamlessly integrates with all TECON wall formwork systems, enhancing project adaptability.

Specifications of Dam Formwork DB180/240:

  • Tie Rod Elimination: The absence of tie rods simplifies construction.
  • Unified Assembly: Pairing two dam formwork climbing brackets with the TECON wall formwork section creates a cohesive unit for crane lifting.
  • Formwork Width: Available in widths of 2.2m (DB180) and 2.4m (DB240).
  • Maximum Pouring Height: Enables pouring heights of up to 4 meters.
  • Incline Flexibility: Supports incline degrees ranging from ±45°.
  • Retrusion Distance: Allows for a retrusion distance of 45 cm.
  • Anchor Point Capacity: Exhibits an anchor point bearing capacity of 22 kN.
  • Power Unit: Designed for compatibility with tower cranes.
  • Crane Power Requirement: Requires 30 kN/unit of crane lifting power.

Applications of Dam Formwork DB180/240:

  • Dams: Ideal for constructing one-sided dam structures.
  • Run-off River Power Stations: Well-suited for projects related to river-based power generation.
  • Navigation Locks: Facilitates the creation of navigation lock systems.
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