Protection Screen

TECON Protection Screen, an innovative modular facade protection system designed to revolutionize safety and efficiency during high-rise construction. This cutting-edge system boasts a modular design, seamlessly integrating with your towering structure through automated climbing via a mobile hydraulic cylinder. With its ability to span up to three floors and adapt to your specific needs by customizing the platform count, TECON Protection Screen guarantees a secure, productive, and weather-resistant workspace for your elevated construction crews.

Features of the TECON Protection Screen:

  • Autonomous Climbing: Our self-climbing mechanism eliminates the need for crane usage throughout the construction phase, streamlining the process and reducing costs.
  • Total Enclosure: The fully sealed facade protection ensures optimal operational safety for your site crews, shielding them from potential hazards.
  • Tailored Adaptability: Accommodate various project demands with customizable storey heights and platform quantities, catering to your unique requirements.
  • Anchored Reliability: The embedded anchor system guarantees a robust attachment to concrete structures, enhancing stability and confidence.
  • Versatile Applicability: Benefit from the universal application of the system across diverse projects, maximizing its utility and value.

Specifications of the TECON Protection Screen:

  • Climbing Mechanism: Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Climbing Speed: Rapid 25 minutes per floor per unit
  • Platform Structure Width: Generous 1 meter
  • Platform Count: Versatile range of 1 to 4 floors
  • Height Coverage per Floor: 2.5 to 3.5 floors, with a peak height of 14 meters
  • Tilt Angles: ±10° for backward, forward, right, and left adjustments
  • Platform Load Capacity: Robust 0.75 kN/sqm during formwork and concrete maintenance operations
  • Standard Unit Dimensions: 7 meters equipped with 2 bracket units

Applications of Protection Screen:

 Façade protection and work platform for high rise building with regular shape layout

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