Shoring Tower TST60

The TECON Shoring Tower TST60 stands as a pinnacle of cost-effective and highly efficient supporting systems within the realm of formwork construction. Boasting a meticulous design that encompasses the main frame, diagonal braces, U head jacks, and base jacks, the TST60 has been tailor-made to cater to the demands of high shoring and heavy load projects, emerging as a stalwart presence in a wide spectrum of civil engineering endeavors, including bridges, subways, and towering structures.

Features of the Shoring Tower TST60:

  • Swift Assembly: With an assembly process characterized by its user-friendliness and expedience, the TST60 demonstrates the prowess of simplicity with minimal components.
  • Enhanced Load-Bearing Capacity: The TST60 redefines load-bearing capabilities, achieving impressive feats with a judicious utilization of materials, resulting in a sustainable and resource-efficient construction solution.
  • Adaptable Shoring: A testament to versatility, the TST60 gracefully adapts to diverse shoring requirements, effortlessly accommodating variations through its two frame heights and adjustable jacks.
  • Longevity Ensured: Dipped in a protective coat of hot-dip galvanization, the mainframe guarantees an impressive service life that extends beyond a decade, solidifying its commitment to enduring performance.
  • Amplified Shuttering Support: The TST60 accommodates a diverse array of shuttering styles, encompassing TECON Slab Flex 20 and Slab Table formwork, thereby embracing a multitude of construction approaches.

Specifications of the Shoring Tower TST60:

  • Constructive Integrity: Crafted from S355-grade tubes with an outer diameter of 60*3 mm, the main frame upholds the highest standards of structural integrity.
  • Robust Load Capacity: Each leg stands resilient, supporting a workload of 60 kN at a height of 5 meters, fortified by a safety factor of 2.5.
  • Vertical Ascent: A towering feat, the TST60 attains a remarkable maximum support height of up to 30 meters, ideal for towering projects.
  • Rapid Assembly: The TST60 clocks in a remarkable assembly speed of up to 160 cubic meters per day, per person, ushering in efficiency without compromise.
  • Frame Dimensions: The primary frame sizes encompass a range of configurations – 1.2 * 1.1 / 1.2 * 1.6 / 1.5 * 1.1 / 1.5 * 1.6 meters – enabling precise customization.
  • Tower Foundations: The shoring tower’s fundamental dimensions shine at 1.5 * 1.5 / 1.5 * 1.2 / 1.2 * 1.2 meters, ensuring a stable and secure foundation.
  • Staircase Elevation: With a basic dimension of 1.5 * 3.0 meters, the stair tower adds an element of accessibility and convenience.

Applications of the Shoring Tower TST60:

The TST60’s unparalleled strength and load-bearing prowess make it a go-to choice for monumental ventures, including bridges, elevated roads, subways, and an array of civil engineering projects that demand heightened shoring and robust structural support.

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