Slab Table Formwork

TECON’s Slab Table Formwork stands out as a highly efficient solution for slab shuttering, particularly tailored for expansive areas and multi-level beamless structures. This innovative system comprises TECON-Form plywood, H20 timber beams, table heads, shoring props, and more, all of which can be conveniently pre-assembled into table units right on-site. For expansive Slab Table Formwork designs, seamless relocation to the subsequent floor in preparation for pouring is facilitated by crane lifting.

Key Features of Slab Table Formwork:

  1. Enhanced Site Efficiency: The inclusion of large-area tables greatly amplifies on-site productivity.
  2. Ready-to-Deploy Units: Pre-fabricated table units eliminate the need for repetitive assembly and disassembly during each floor transition.
  3. Swift and Seamless Relocation: Movement to the next location is effortlessly achieved through trolleys or tower cranes.
  4. Perfect Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with other timber beam formwork systems, utilizing H20 timber beams, plywood, and steel props.

Slab Table Formwork Specifications:

  1. Maximum Table Dimensions: Up to an impressive 4 by 6 meters.
  2. Adaptability: Compatible with heavy-duty props, either in D class or E class, for storey heights under 5.5 meters.
  3. For tall structures: Compatible with TECON Heavy Duty Shoring Tower TST60, accommodating storey heights up to a maximum of 20 meters.
  4. Accommodates Various Slab Thicknesses: Can accommodate slab thicknesses of up to 1000mm.
  5. Seamless Transport: Horizontal movement is facilitated by transport trolleys, while vertical transport between floors is accomplished using cranes equipped with lifting forks.

Applications of Slab Table Formwork:

Suitable for a wide range of applications including residential and commercial buildings, as well as factories characterized by expansive spaces and multi-level layouts.

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