Dam Formwork

Constructing dams and related infrastructure, such as river barriers, hydroelectric power stations, and tall structures, involves intricate engineering and synchronized projects. The integration of various elements is vital for the success of these endeavors. The innovative TECON Dam Formwork Systems play a pivotal role in achieving seamless coordination and economic viability across a spectrum of project-specific dimensions.

Benefits of TECON Dam Formwork:

  • Unified Approach: TECON’s versatile formwork system caters to both initial block creation and subsequent repetitive cycles, ensuring consistent and efficient construction practices.
  • Optimized Efficiency: The system’s economic design, including optimized bracket climbing, accommodates varying block heights while maintaining cost-effectiveness.
  • Structural Integrity: Ensuring secure working conditions and safeguarding the structural soundness, the system distributes heavy load stresses through suspended supports and embedded concrete anchorage.

Cost-Effective Dam Formwork Solution:

TECON’s dam formwork presents a swift load-bearing phase, facilitated by the rapid assembly of tower components and comprehensive unit molds. The selection process offers a dynamic combination of frames, walls, and steel elements, tailored to project requirements.

The integration of the trapezoidal system enables secure ascent and descent between platforms. A trifecta of speedy construction advancement, innovative engineering resolutions, and a secure work environment embodies our core objectives.

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