Residential & Commercial Formwork

For both residential and commercial multi-storey buildings, achieving a balance between thoughtful design and cost efficiency is of paramount importance. Our focus lies in delivering tailored formwork solutions for each unique building project. Feel free to consult us regarding the optimal solution for your upcoming endeavor.

The majority of functional high-rise and low-rise structures exhibit regular shapes and repetitive geometric patterns. This lends itself to shorter construction cycles, made possible by our meticulous selection of appropriate formwork systems and the subsequent meticulous on-site support, encompassing ceiling and concrete floor formwork among others.

Advantages of TECON’s Formwork for Residential & Commercial Use

TECON’s formwork solutions for residential and commercial applications consistently prioritize customer interests, constructing all necessary structures with an unwavering emphasis on safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We steadfastly adhere to three guiding principles: delivering robust solutions for a strong foundation, offering flexible alternatives to accommodate varying room heights, and employing streamlined approaches to expedite vertical progress. Whether your requirements entail lightweight solutions or those involving crane assistance, our offerings span diverse cost ranges to meet your needs.

Economical and Superior Solutions for Residential & Commercial Formwork

At TECON, our commitment is resolute in delivering tangible value as we develop a formwork concept tailor-made for your specific circumstances. These value additions materialize through optimized construction processes, cost management, and the assurance of exceptional on-site safety levels

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