Tunnel Formwork

The tunnel formwork system has emerged as a robust and flourishing enterprise worldwide. This surge in demand is propelled by the remarkable expansion of private transportation networks and the exponential rise of commodity-related industries. These industries aspire to extend their reach to every corner of the globe as swiftly as possible.

Advantages of Teconform Tunnel Formwork

Within the realm of tunnel construction, Tecon provides a spectrum of formwork trolley solutions, encompassing four distinct types: Tunnel Lining Trolley, Waterproof Board Trolley, Cable Trench Lining Formwork, and Tunnel Invert Trestle.

These solutions are versatile and adaptable, irrespective of the construction technique employed. They cater to varying cross-sectional configurations, accommodating diverse load-bearing structures dictated by geological prerequisites and intended usage. While the straightforward rectangular design presents a highly cost-effective manufacturing alternative, circular and elliptical sections hold distinct advantages contingent on the contextual framework.

Attainable Formwork Solutions for Tunnels

The pivotal factors governing the choice of construction methodology and load-bearing structures hinge upon the tunnel’s cross-sectional profile and its length. Additionally, the presence of bends and inclines along the tunnel’s trajectory, coupled with the geometric dimensions of clear width and height, demand consideration.

Our team is poised to furnish you with a meticulously crafted proposal that encompasses both cost considerations and comprehensive planning. Your inquiries will promptly trigger the provision of this well-prepared proposal, tailored to your specific needs.

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