TECON-Form Plastic Board

TECON-Form Plastic Board presents a polished concrete surface, serving as an exceptionally cost-effective solution for various formwork activities. It truly stands out when you analyze the overall expense per usage. This innovation finds its application in a wide array of shuttering projects, encompassing walls, columns, and slabs.

Key Features of TECON-Form Plastic Board:

  • Embodies the latest generation of budget-friendly formwork solutions, boasting prolonged longevity at a reduced per-use cost.
  • Serves as an excellent substitute for traditional film-faced plywood, excelling in performance.
  • Yields a superior concrete finish in comparison to standard marine boards, eliminating the need for a release agent.
  • Promotes recycling and environmental consciousness, adaptable for deployment in both tropical and cold climates during concrete casting.
  • Exhibits versatility within formwork systems, catering to both girder and framed configurations.

Specifications of TECON-Form Plastic Board/Shuttering Panels:

  • Withstands up to 50 cycles of usage, ensuring enduring reliability.
  • Available in sizes: 1220×2440×12/15/18/21 mm.
  • Comparable weights to conventional plywood, ensuring ease of handling.
  • Tailored dimensions for panel formwork applications: 1500×2700/3000 mm, and more.
  • Thickness tolerance maintained at +/- 0.5 mm, aligning with clients’ stipulations.
  • Comprehensive specifications, including load-bearing capacity data, readily accessible.

Application of TECON-Form Plastic Board:

Finds utility across diverse formwork projects, encompassing frameworks supported by girders or frames, and beyond.

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