TECON Plastic Round Column Formwork

TECON’s Round Column Formwork offers a versatile solution for constructing round columns, available in both plastic and steel variants of varying diameters. The plastic circular column formwork boasts unparalleled lightweight and cost-effective qualities, accommodating diameters from 300mm to 450mm in 50mm increments. For larger diameters and customized sizes, the steel round column formwork stands ready.

Features of TECON Plastic Round Column Formwork:

  • Efficiently construct round columns, whether employing plastic or steel materials.
  • Streamlined assembly process via handle rotation or bolt fastening, ensuring swift and easy setup.
  • Simplified stacking during transportation and storage, fostering convenience.
  • Plastic round column formwork can be manually assembled, while steel round column formwork requires crane assistance.

Specifications of TECON Plastic Round Column Formwork:

  • Plastic column panels comprise PP and fiberglass as primary materials.
  • Steel column panels are fashioned from 3mm to 6mm thick steel sheets.
  • Plastic panel dimensions: 750mm in height, with diameters of 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, and 450mm.
  • Steel panel dimensions tailored to your specifications, ranging from 200mm to 1200mm in diameter.
  • Maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure: 80 kN/sqm.

Applications of TECON Plastic Round Column Formwork:

Ideal for crafting round columns in housing or commercial building ventures.

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