V-shore Frame

V-Shore Frame Scaffolding represents a robust conventional shoring system engineered to withstand high loads. Comprising three fundamental components – frames, cross braces, and top & base jacks – this uncomplicated assemblage ensures swift on-site assembly and disassembly. All constituent materials can be systematically stacked and stored. Notably versatile, the V-shore frame finds extensive utility across diverse multiplex projects.

Key Attributes of V-Shore Frame

  1. Minimal Future Maintenance: Ensures reduced maintenance requirements in subsequent applications.
  2. Effortless Transport and Storage: Designed for convenient and space-efficient transportation and storage.
  3. Adjustable Shoring Heights: Achieve varying shoring heights by combining frames of different sizes.
  4. Customizable Load Distribution: Modify the spacing between frames using different braces to accommodate diverse loads. Capable of supporting a workload capacity of 35.1kN per leg.

Specification of V-shore Frame


V-Shore Frame Applications

  1. Residential and Commercial Constructions: Ideal for erecting support structures in both residential and commercial edifices.
  2. Bridges: Offers dependable shoring solutions for bridge construction projects.
  3. Heavy Slabs or Beams: Well-suited for supporting substantial slabs or beams in construction endeavors.
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