Quality Control

We are committed to a timeless commitment to excellence for our valued customers. The foremost criteria for TECON products to meet qualification include safety, appealing aesthetics, consistent performance, and an extended lifespan.

Our range of products adheres meticulously to diverse standards. We tailor our welding, pressing, punching, casting, and forging processes in accordance with GB standards, while simultaneously incorporating EN standards (such as EN1065, EN13377, etc.) for pivotal components.

quality-safetyAt the heart of our enterprise lies an unwavering commitment to quality. Our products' exceptional quality not only guarantees their durability when needed, but also prioritizes the well-being of laborers at construction sites. Every single one of our products adheres diligently to varying standards, contingent upon their respective manufacturing processes.

standardsOur merchandise adheres to a variety of stringent quality standards. We meticulously adjust our processes to align with GB standards encompassing welding, pressing, punching, casting, and forging for various components. Furthermore, the production of our essential parts incorporates adherence to EN standards such as EN1065 and EN13377, ensuring the highest level of excellence.

qc-systemOur comprehensive Quality Control System covers a wide range of product sizes, spanning from tie rods to self-climbing formwork brackets. Whether these items are crafted within our own workshops or sourced externally, we maintain a meticulous approach that permeates every stage of the order fulfillment process. This system entails thorough scrutiny, commencing with the inspection of incoming raw materials, continuing through the manufacturing process, and culminating in the final assessment of finished products.

qc-teamWhen it comes to system formwork, including self-climbing formwork, climbing formwork, dam formwork, protection screens, single-sided wall formwork, and more, the TECON QC team consistently creates mockups in the yard prior to shipment. This meticulous practice guarantees a seamless assembly process once the materials arrive at the designated site.

laboratoryIn addition to conducting rigorous internal quality control measures throughout the entire production and inspection process, we have established a collaborative partnership with a leading third-party laboratory. This strategic alliance enables us to perform comprehensive load capacity tests, obtain certifications, and conduct thorough pre-shipment inspections. Our unwavering commitment to enhancing the reliability and quality of our products remains at the forefront of our endeavors.

materialsOur Chief Engineer, Reed Liu, expressed unwavering pride and confidence in stating that TECON substances have consistently upheld their superior appearance and performance over the preceding years, and are poised to sustain this exceptional quality into the upcoming decades," affirmed Liu.

Whether it’s a small item like tie rods or something significant like a self-climbing formwork bracket, our quality control system is tailored to every product. It covers the entire order process, including inspections of incoming raw materials, manufacturing, and final products.

For system formwork—self-climbing formwork, climbing formwork, dam formwork, protection screens, single side wall formwork, and more—the TECON QC team conducts mockups in our yard before shipment. This ensures seamless assembly on-site.

Beyond our rigorous internal quality control, we collaborate with a third-party lab for load capacity testing, certification, and pre-shipment inspections. This extra step ensures the reliability and excellence of our products.

Our Chief Engineer, Reed Liu, proudly affirms, ‘TECON materials have consistently delivered superior performance and appearance over the years. We’re committed to maintaining this excellence in the decades to come.

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