LNG & Water Tank Formwork

Among the various choices available for liquefied natural gas (LNG), water tank, or power station construction, there is a paramount objective: the swift reservation of water, storage, or energy generation. While defining these objectives is a straightforward task, devising solutions to attain them poses equally formidable challenges. Beyond the diverse range of geological and topographical conditions, there are additional substantial hurdles, such as the need for precise coordination among different stages and supplier companies.

The Benefits of LNG & Water Tank Formwork

Implementation of project-specific designs with reliability, encompassing structures like non-tie walls and curved walls. Cost assessment made feasible by TECON’s competitive materials and meticulous planning. Swift and efficient work facilitated through optimized molding solutions, employing prefabricated steel walers in the factory and tailor-made shaping wood on-site. Comprehensive workplace safety ensured by compatible work platforms under the supervision of TECON site engineers.

Cost-Effective Solution for LNG & Water Tank Formwork

A range of formwork solutions, including BASE 20 formwork, HETO Frame formwork, Jump formwork CB240, and scaffolding systems for both facade platforms and shoring support, are readily available for implementation. These solutions are geared towards ensuring the success of your project.

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