Modular Houses

The TECON Modular House Formwork System is a purpose-built construction tool widely utilized for concreting walls, slabs, and columns. This innovative formwork system boasts a standardized and rapid connection mechanism, meticulously designed for efficient manual assembly.

Benefits of TECON’s Modular House Formwork:

  • Adaptability: Whether it’s lightweight steel, aluminum, or plastic formwork on the site, the use of an industrial crane remains optional. The system’s standard connection design enables quick and hassle-free assembly and disassembly.
  • Tailored to Projects: TECON offers the flexibility of fully customizable panel sizes or modular dimensions to perfectly align with the project’s specific requirements. The system is well-suited for various construction elements, including walls, slabs, columns, and even staircases if needed.
  • Increased Reusability: Designed for durability, the TECON Modular House Formwork System boasts an impressive lifespan of up to 100-300 reuse cycles. This longevity contributes to significant cost savings over time.

Affordable and Comprehensive Formwork Solutions:

TECON presents an array of choices within its modular house formwork lineup, catering to diverse project needs:

  • Plastic Formwork TP60: A practical option that combines affordability with functionality, TP60 provides a reliable solution for various construction components.
  • Handset Metal Formwork: This versatile option offers a comprehensive and user-friendly system, contributing to efficient project progression and reduced costs.
  • AluLITE Aluminum Formwork: Representing the pinnacle of versatility, AluLITE’s handset design ensures projects are executed swiftly and economically.

TECON’s Proven Expertise:

Drawing from eight years of pioneering systematic formwork development, TECON continues to lead the industry in innovative construction solutions. The Modular House Formwork System is a testament to TECON’s commitment to excellence and stands as a testament to their continued success.

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