As your project initiation takes shape, reach out to us to delve into the expansive spectrum of our product offerings. We’re poised to furnish you with tailored product recommendations that align with your specific requisites. 

Our expertise extends to assisting you in evaluating various solutions, encompassing a comprehensive analysis of system advantages and drawbacks, cost considerations, site efficiency, and more. Our commitment to delivering excellence drives us to provide you with a personalized consultancy service, infused with our profound knowledge, at no charge.


Research & Development

TECON’s Research and Development division has been steadfastly dedicated to in-house product advancement and innovation. Concurrently, we consistently explore avenues for refining and reimagining our product designs. In the fiercely competitive realm of technology, TECON collaborates extensively with consultants from academia and fellow construction and formwork enterprises across the globe. This ongoing collaboration kindles our drive to leverage our expertise in forging novel products and enhancing existing ones.

In crafting new products, our guiding compass is invariably your demands for safety, efficiency, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. Rigorous third-party testing and on-site trials are prerequisites before any newly developed product earns the stamp of customer approval.

construction Research & Development

Technical Planning

Whether you’re shaping the formwork component of a project bid or seeking an intricate proposal before procurement, our cadre of technicians stands ready to assist. Their mastery of formwork and scaffolding intricacies, facilitated by AUTO-CAD or even 3D software, equips them to address your requirements comprehensively. Irrespective of the contours of your project, we stand poised to unearth the optimal solution.

Submit your structural drawings via email, and within a week, our technicians will proffer a polished proposal complete with preliminary drawings. Should local consultant approval necessitate load calculations, we are primed to furnish them.

Technical planning

On-site Supervision

Antecedent to the arrival of TECON products at your site, meticulous shop drawings and assembly blueprints will be tendered, accompanied by a user manual. These resources brim with comprehensive details and visuals, serving as a valuable reference during on-site training and navigation.

Should you find yourself new to TECON’s formwork and scaffolding products or if you seek to maximize the utility of our systems, our supervisors are prepared to journey to your site. Their mission: to provide expert assistance, training, and inspections in alignment with your requisites.

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