High Rise Formwork

Safety stands as the foremost imperative in high-rise endeavors, and at TECON, safety constitutes our utmost priority. Our dedication extends beyond the realm of project excellence to encompass the well-being of our workforce. Thus, through the synergy of the TECON technical brain trust and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, we introduce the refined self-climbing and climbing formworks of TECON. These innovations, coupled with comprehensive facade protection, boast fully enclosed multi-platforms.

Benefits of TECON’s High-Rise Formwork:

Every TECON high-rise formwork guarantees secure and elevated progress on construction sites, achieved through self-climbing facilitated by hydraulic cylinders or alternative power units. The adaptability of all TECON climbing brackets, paired with suitably sized shuttering, accommodates a wide array of high-rise building dimensions and configurations, while alleviating concerns about reuse and expenses.

The integration of a steadfast embedded anchor system and multi-platforms fortified with facade protection amplifies safety and convenience throughout the ascent and operational phases.

Formidable yet Cost-Effective High-Rise Formwork Solution:

TECON proudly presents an array of solutions, encompassing self-climbing formwork TSC50/100, the versatile Multi-purpose climbing formwork MB180, Jump formwork CB240, Protection screens, and Self-climbing platforms. This assortment constitutes a comprehensive suite of formative and protective measures tailored to the distinctive demands of high-rise structures. Within this spectrum, you are bound to discover an optimal match tailored to your project’s financial framework and specifications.

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