Aluminium Prop

TECON Multi-purpose Aluminum Prop TMP Series, an exceptional solution crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy renowned for its remarkable bearing capacity. This innovative prop series showcases a meticulously designed range of five varying heights, each featuring an integrated height indication tape. The TECON TMP prop stands as the ultimate choice for projects demanding extensive shoring and substantial bearing capacity.

Features of the Aluminium Prop:

  • Exceptional Shoring and Bearing Capacity: Engineered to provide superior support and enduring strength for high-load scenarios.
  • Built-in Safety Mechanism: Equipped with an inherent safe stopping device, ensuring enhanced security during operation.
  • Height Adjustability with Indication: Effortlessly adjust the prop’s height with the convenience of the integrated indication tape.
  • SGS Certified: Complies with the stringent Australian Standard AS3610 and is certified by SGS, a mark of quality and safety.
  • Self-Cleaning Threading: The cast steel screw nut features a self-cleaning design, ensuring smooth and efficient functionality.
  • Elegant Powder Coating: Outer tube boasts a protective powder-coated finish, enhancing durability and longevity.

Specifications of the Aluminium Prop:

  • Constructed from High-Grade Aluminum Alloy T6061-T6, known for its exceptional strength and resilience.
  • A comprehensive selection of complementary accessories available, including truss frame bracing TMRK, prop connectors, and 1500*750mm panel formwork, among others.

Applications of the Aluminium Prop:

Perfectly suited for high shoring and extensive load-bearing demands across diverse building and civil engineering projects.

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