H20 Timber Beam

The TECON H20 Timber Beam derives its strength from spruce sourced from Northern Europe, ensuring exceptional load-bearing capacity. This H20 timber beam is a cornerstone in girder-based formwork systems, seamlessly integrating into shear wall formwork, slab formwork, column formwork, and beyond.

H20 Timber Beam Highlights:

  • Versatile Suitability: Adaptable for a myriad of project environments, serving as essential girders.
  • Extended Lifespan: Enhanced with a yellow waterproof coating for prolonged operational durability.
  • Protective Innovation: Fitted with a plastic cap that mitigates harm, bolstering longevity.
  • Cold Climate Resilience: Crafted from spruce cultivated in exceedingly cold regions, augmenting the load-bearing capacity of the timber beam’s flange.
  • Conformance to EN13377 Standards: Complies with the stipulations outlined in EN13377.

H20 Timber Beam Specifications:

  • Tailored Lengths: Customizable to any measurement under 6m or exactly 6m.
  • Expandable Length: The timber beam’s extent can be elongated via beam splicing.
  • Flange: Fashioned from solid spruce wood imported from North Europe.
  • Adhesive: Employing WBP glue for optimal structural integrity.
  • Web: Comprised of poplar core plywood, reinforcing the beam’s internal composition.
  • Length Options: Available in varying lengths – 1.5/1.9/2.45/2.75/2.9/3.0/3.3/3.6/3.9/4.5/4.9/5.9m.
  • Weight: Approximately 4.5 kg/m, facilitating ease of handling and installation.
  • Shear Resistance Allowance: Up to 11 kN.
  • Bending Resistance Allowance: Up to 5 kN.
  • Bearing Resistance Allowance: Up to 22 kN.
  • Packaging: Shipped in units of 105 pieces per pallet.
  • Moisture Content: Wood moisture levels at 12% +/- 4% upon delivery.

H20 Timber Beam Applications:

Functioning as both primary and secondary beams within shear walls, slabs, column formwork, and an array of construction contexts.

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