Acrow Prop

TECON Acrow Prop offers a comprehensive range of five sizes, spanning from 1060mm to 4900mm, accompanied by axial bearing load capacities ranging from 7kN to 42.5 kN. This versatile support system finds prominent utilization in specific global regions, notably in Australia.

Features of the Acrow Prop:

  • Compliance with AS 3610 standards
  • Incorporation of a cast steel nut
  • Implementation of a fully rolled thread on the outer tube
  • Choice between Powder Coating or hot-dip galvanization finishing

Specifications of the Acrow Prop:

  • Outer diameter: 60.3 mm
  • Inner diameter: 48.3 mm
  • Inner tube composition: Constructed from high tensile steel profiles Q355

Applications of the Acrow Prop:

This advanced structural component proves indispensable in catering to the unique demands of the Australian construction market.

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