Climbing Formwork CB180/240

TECON Climbing Formwork CB180 & CB240, a cutting-edge crane-lifted climbing system designed to elevate your construction projects. This advanced climbing unit redefines efficiency and safety, offering a seamless integration of formwork technology, climbing brackets, shaft platform beams, and an anchoring system.

With the aid of a tower crane, this versatile system effortlessly ascends to the next pouring height, be it for core walls or external walls. Its ingenuity lies in providing a secure work platform, not only for formwork panels but also for your valued site workers.

Key Features of Climbing Formwork CB180/240:

  • Swift Vertical Mobility: Experience a time-saving marvel as the entire set moves to the next pouring height with a single crane lift.
  • Accelerated Pouring Cycle: Enhance your construction pace with a speedy pouring cycle, perfect for vertical structures.
  • Enhanced Convenience: Enjoy 3 to 5 platforms that streamline work, ensuring maximum convenience and efficiency.
  • Unwavering Safety: Trust in the reliability and elevated safety levels achieved through the robust anchor system.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with TECON’s wall formwork systems, including TECON Base 20 Wall Formwork, HETO Frame Wall Formwork, and others.

Climbing Formwork CB180/240 Specifications:

  • Core Components: Climbing bracket, formwork, anchor system
  • Maximum Pouring Height: Up to 6 meters in a single operation
  • Standard Bracket Height: Stands at an impressive 11 meters
  • Platforms Galore: Offers 3 to 5 floors of adaptable platforms
  • Unit Size Excellence: Standard unit spans 4 meters with dual brackets
  • Platform Width Flexibility: Accommodates platform widths from 1800 to 2400 mm
  • Spacious Work Zone: The primary platform boasts an ample 2.4 meters of space for workers
  • Formwork Panel Care: The formwork panel retracts up to 750 mm, ensuring easy cleaning on the shuttering

Applications of Climbing Formwork CB180/240:

Unlock the potential of TECON Climbing Formwork CB180/240 across a spectrum of construction marvels, including high-rise buildings, bridge piers, water tanks, LNG tanks, and more. With its adaptable design and unwavering performance, this climbing system stands as your reliable partner in reaching new heights of construction excellence.

Elevate your construction experience with TECON Climbing Formwork CB180/240 – where innovation meets vertical progress.

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