Self-climbing Formwork TSC50 & TSC100

TECON Self-Climbing Formwork TSC50 & TSC100, an innovative crane-independent climbing system featuring hydraulic cylinders for seamless elevation. This cutting-edge solution offers unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness for concreting in high-rise constructions, bridge pylons, and more. With a remarkable lifting capacity of up to 100kN and a robust embedded anchorage system, rest assured of stable and secure automatic climbing, seamlessly integrated with formwork.

Key Features of the Self-Climbing Formwork TSC50 & TSC100:

  • Efficiency and user-friendliness define this automatic climbing formwork system, optimizing operations without disrupting tower crane scheduling.
  • Backed by a track record of successful projects, the dependable climbing bracket and embedded anchorage system ensure reliability.
  • Experience a weather-resistant, fully sealed operating platform, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations regardless of external conditions.
  • Enjoy unparalleled flexibility as the self-climbing formwork seamlessly transitions between projects of varying geometries.
  • The multi-platform design empowers workers to operate across different levels with utmost convenience.

Technical Specifications of the Self-Climbing Formwork TSC50 & TSC100:

  • Experience secure rail-guided climbing, free from crane dependence, ensuring stability throughout the procedure.
  • Main Platform Width: Choose from 2.4m or 2.7m, depending on your needs.
  • Top Platform Width: Opt for either 0.75m or 1.2m, tailored to your requirements.
  • Bottom Platform Width: Fixed at 1.2m for consistent support.
  • Maximum Casting Height: Reach up to 6m with an impressive climbing speed of 0.5 hours per floor.
  • Adapt to ±15° inclines effortlessly, expanding your construction possibilities.
  • Complete a level cycle, including tie rebar, in just 7 to 10 days, streamlining your project timeline.
  • Standard Bracket Height: Select from 11m or 13m to suit your project’s specifications.
  • Standard Bracket Distance: Fixed at 4m for consistent performance.
  • Platform Count: Choose between 4 or 5 floors, catering to your project’s vertical demands.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting Capacity: Opt for 50kN or 100kN, providing the power you need for smooth climbing.

Applications of the Self-Climbing Formwork TSC50 & TSC100:

Embark on a range of construction endeavors, from core walls in high-rise buildings to bridge pylons and tanks. Redefine your construction experience with the TECON Self-Climbing Formwork TSC50 & TSC100 – where innovation meets efficiency for elevated results.

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