Plastic Formwork TP60

TECON Plastic Formwork TP60 stands out as the premier lightweight formwork system, owed to its ingeniously designed medium panels and the incorporation of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) technology. The system comprises essential components, including ABS plastic panels, erection handles, alignment walers, flex beams, and shoring props. This innovative formwork empowers both skilled and unskilled labor to swiftly and effectively shape walls, columns, and slabs.

Key Features of Plastic Formwork TP60:

  1. Effortless Assembly: This formwork is ingeniously crafted to resemble building blocks, seamlessly interlocking through erection handles, eliminating the need for skilled labor during assembly.
  2. Crane-Free Lightweight: With its lightweight design, crane assistance becomes unnecessary, streamlining the construction process.
  3. Versatile Application: Designed for modular housing, it offers the unique advantage of a single pour for walls and slabs or sequential casting of walls, columns, and slabs.
  4. Simplified Finishing: The easy-to-clean surface reduces or eliminates the need for extensive plastering after removal.
  5. Rapid Availability: Ready-to-ship stock ensures prompt delivery, expediting project timelines.

Plastic Formwork TP60 Specifications:

  1. Primary Material: Fabricated from high-grade ABS, ensuring durability and resilience.
  2. Panel Size: The maximum panel size is 1200600mm, with an astonishingly light weight of just 9.7 kg per piece. Various other sizes, such as 400/350/300/250600mm, are also available.
  3. Exceptional Durability: The panels are remarkably strong, allowing for up to 100 reuses, making them a sustainable and cost-effective choice.
  4. Impressive Capacity: Capable of accommodating slab thicknesses up to 300 mm and wall heights of 3.6 m in a single pour.
  5. Adaptable: Suited for diverse fresh concrete pressures, supporting up to 60 kN/sqm for walls and 80 kN/sqm for columns. It can even be used with foam or lightweight concrete.

Applications of Plastic Formwork TP60:

  1. Project Scale: Perfectly suited for small to medium-sized projects, including row houses, villas, apartments, ground beams, and swimming pools.
  2. Unique Advantages: The system is particularly advantageous for noise-sensitive projects and corrosion-prone areas, such as seashore regions.
  3. Remote Accessibility: A game-changer for remote locations inaccessible to heavy machinery.
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