Self-Climbing Platform SCP

TECON Advanced Self-Climbing Platform (SCP), a cutting-edge enclosed climbing facade operational solution designed to elevate construction efficiency to new heights. Harnessing the power of electric hoists, this fully sealed platform redefines safe and productive work environments for high-rise projects.

Features of the TECON Self-Climbing Platform SCP:

  • Streamlined and Cost-Efficient Tower Facade Shielding: Experience unparalleled cost savings and an immaculate tower facade safeguarding mechanism.
  • Crane-Free, High-Efficiency Self-Climbing System: Revolutionary self-climbing technology eliminates the need for cumbersome cranes, ensuring exceptional efficiency.
  • Versatile Applications for Various Construction Phases: Engage in structural concreting, plastering, painting, and a spectrum of other tasks with remarkable adaptability.
  • Customizable Design to Suit Diverse Plans and Elevations: Tailor the platform to accommodate different geometric layouts and floor heights through bespoke planning.
  • Minimal Weather Interference via Comprehensive Sealed Protection: Enjoy enhanced resilience against weather impacts thanks to a fully enclosed outer protection layer.

Specifications of the TECON Self-Climbing Platform SCP:

  • Climbing Mechanism: Electric Hoist
  • Climbing Speed: 25 minutes per floor/unit
  • Platform Width from Structure: 0.8 meters
  • Platform Capacity: 2 to 4 floors
  • Vertical Reach: 4.5 floors, spanning heights of 14 to 18 meters
  • Tilting Angle Range: ±10° (backward, forward, right, left)
  • Standard Bracket Spacing: 5 meters

Applications of the TECON Self-Climbing Platform SCP:

Façade Preservation and Operational Platform for High-Rise Structures: Efficiently safeguard and support high-rise building projects featuring both regular and irregular architectural layouts.

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