TECON 3 In 1 Foam Concrete Machine TFC-1000

TECON TFC-1000, a revolutionary 3-in-1 foam concrete machine that seamlessly integrates a mixer, agitator, foam generator, hose pump, along with a screw feeder, belt conveyor, and submersible pump. This advanced system is enhanced with a precision weighing sensor and an automated batching mechanism, empowering you to establish batch weights, facilitate automatic feeding, and achieve thorough mixing with remarkable ease.

Features of the 3-in-1 Foam Concrete Machine:

  • High Pumping Performance: Boasting a remarkable pumping pressure of up to 20 bar, the TFC-1000 readily meets the demands of elevated floor pumping requisites.
  • Continuous Foam Agent Integration: Experience unparalleled efficiency as foam agents can be continuously introduced into the mixer, ensuring seamless operations and optimal productivity.
  • Automated Precision: The system’s automatic control and weight cell loading capabilities ensure the utmost accuracy in material weight mixing ratios. With its intuitive interface and streamlined functionality, labor is conserved while reliability is maximized.
  • Robust Mixing Power: Featuring a heavy-duty, high-powered mixer, the TFC-1000 excels at blending sand, cement, water, and foam agents. Its superior efficiency guarantees uninterrupted, continuous mixing performance.

Specification of 3 in 1 Foam Concrete Machine:


Applications of the 3-in-1 Foam Concrete Machine:

The integrated auto-weighing system takes full command of the workflow. Once the preparation phase is concluded, a simple press of the automatic button initiates the mechanical process. The mixer springs to life, orchestrating the harmonious fusion of sand, cement, water, and foaming agent. The sequence is precise, with each component loaded in succession and swiftly achieving the designated weight.

Upon achieving uniform mixing, the discharge door opens, and the amalgam gracefully descends into the lower agitator screen. This compartment is equipped with low-speed mixing blades to ensure thorough consistency. After the mixture is fully evacuated, the door is sealed, setting the stage for the seamless blending of the next batch.

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