Trench Box

Trench Box is meticulously crafted to provide exceptional edge support during trench excavation. It comprises essential components such as the base plate, top plate, supporting rod, and connector.

Trench Box Highlights:

  1. Ensures utmost safety for construction personnel within the trench.
  2. Facilitates precise control and estimation of excavation and embankment volumes.
  3. Guarantees stability for the surrounding environment, including adjacent land and nearby structures (subterranean constructions, roads, buildings).

Specification of base plate & Top plate

Base plate


Top Plate


Applications of Trench Box:

  1. Transport the assembled trench box to the designated construction zone.
  2. Upon achieving the desired elevation, initiate pipeline installation.
  3. Utilize an excavator to methodically break and gently excavate the soil.
  4. Employ an excavator to dig the specific construction area.
  5. Once the pipeline is positioned, employ an excavator to gradually lift the trench box.
  6. Systematically backfill the area, incrementally raising the trench box until backfilling is completed.
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