TECON-Form Film Faced Plywood

TECON-Form Film Faced Plywood stands as a comprehensive collection of robust, flat, and impermeable panels designed for the specific purpose of construction site formwork. The range encompasses a diverse selection spanning from polar, hardwood, birch, and birch x-life variants, each characterized by distinct veneer materials, films, adhesives, and manufacturing methodologies. The utility of TECON-Form Film Faced Plywood extends across a spectrum of formwork systems, accommodating conventional formwork, H20 timber beam formwork, and panel formwork, among others.

Key Features of TECON-Form Film Faced Plywood:

  1. Versatile gradations and reuse possibilities, catering to both premium and economical budgets.
  2. Facilitates the attainment of smooth and level concrete finishes.
  3. Offers ease of nailing, cutting, and drilling, adapting effortlessly to diverse concrete structure shapes and sizes.
  4. Single-handed transport feasible for on-site deployment.
  5. Assumes the role of an adaptable shuttering board for vertical and horizontal structures alike.

Specifications for TECON-Form Film Faced Plywood:

  1. Multiple series of plywood suited for 4 to 30 uses.
  2. Primary dimensions: 1220×2440mm / 12502500mm / 9151830 mm.
  3. Customizable dimensions including 3000×1000 mm, 2400×1000 mm, 1800*180mm, and more.
  4. Preferred thicknesses: 12/15/18/21 mm.
  5. Tolerance for thickness: Within +/- 0.5 mm, tailored to clients’ specifications.
  6. Additional details encompassing load-bearing capacity data accessible.

Diverse Applications of TECON-Form Film Faced Plywood:

Finds extensive integration in a plethora of projects necessitating concrete formwork solutions, addressing diverse construction requirements.

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