Slab Flex 20 Formwork

The TECON Slab Flex 20 formwork stands out as an exceptionally adaptable and versatile solution, suitable not only for conventional slab projects but also for the most intricate slab designs featuring drop beams or confined corners. Comprising TECON-Form plywood, H20 timber beams, shoring props, and more, Slab Flex 20 allows for unfettered arrangement within designated positions and spaces.

Key Features of the Slab Flex 20 Formwork:

  • Exceptional flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and suitability for diverse ground plans.
  • Streamlined assembly through manual operation, ensuring efficiency.
  • Accommodates a wide range of finishing requirements due to the freedom to choose shutters.
  • Effortless transportation and storage, minimizing spatial constraints.
  • Compatible with various beam shapes and sizes, enhancing versatility.

Specifications of the Slab Flex 20 Formwork:

  • Customized planning based on the specific project dictates girder and prop spacing.
  • Flexibility in selecting shoring, with a recommendation for heavy-duty props of D class or E class in accordance with EN1065 standards.
  • Applicable to differing slab thicknesses, even up to 1000 mm.
  • Offers the option for early dismantling.
  • Beam 20 Bracket and Beam 20 Extension feature a simplified tightening system facilitated by D15 rods and nuts.

Applications of the Slab Flex 20 Formwork:

  • Suitable for slab and beam applications across a diverse range of structures, including buildings, factories, tanks, fly-over roads, and bridges.
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