TECON BASE 20 Wall Formwork

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TECON BASE 20 Wall Formwork stands as a versatile solution for wall construction, accommodating an array of wall sizes and configurations. It integrates TECON-Form plywood, H20 timber beams, steel walers, and complementary accessories into a harmonious assembly, offering the freedom to interconnect these autonomous components.

BASE 20 Formwork Highlights

  • Streamlined On-Site Efficiency: Facilitated by the pre-assembled substantial formwork panels, crane-guided installation expedites on-site processes.
  • Adaptive to Diverse Dimensions: Its design flexibility stems from the adaptable alignment of girders and walers, proficiently meeting varying size and shape requisites.
  • Aesthetic Concrete Finishing: Achieving impeccable architectural concrete finishes is effortless. Premium-grade plywood, minimal tie rods, and joints collectively contribute to the attainment of smooth, visually pleasing surfaces.

BASE 20 Formwork Specifications

  • Panel Widths: Directly correlated to the steel waler’s length.
  • Panel Heights: Dictated by the H20 girder and panel strut measurements, extensible up to 12 meters.
  • Endurance Against Concrete Pressure: Accommodates a spectrum of permissible fresh concrete pressures, reaching up to 90 kN/sqm.
  • Tailored Configurations: Custom contours are achievable through skillful wood shaping and meticulously fabricated steel walers.

Applications of BASE 20 Formwork

Ideal for an array of construction contexts, including but not limited to:

  • Residential and Commercial Edifices: Catering to the requirements of diverse building structures.
  • Concrete Tanks: Ensuring precision in shaping concrete containment units.
  • Basement Construction: Facilitating the establishment of underground spaces.
  • Bridge Abutments and Piers: Offering robust formwork support for critical bridge components.
  • Irregular Concrete Structures: Enabling the realization of unconventional architectural designs.

TECON BASE 20 Wall Formwork bridges the gap between versatility, efficiency, and aesthetic finesse, standing as an indispensable tool across an assortment of construction projects.

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