TECON HETO Frame Wall Formwork

Experience the innovation and efficiency of the TECON HETO Frame Wall Formwork – a versatile and highly efficient panel formwork solution designed to transform your construction projects. Our system is meticulously engineered to streamline the formwork process, enhancing productivity and performance. Crafted with precision, it encompasses a range of features tailored to meet your construction needs.

Key Features of HETO Frame Wall Formwork

  • Seamless Connectivity: Achieve effortless and secure connections with our adjustable alignment clamp, ensuring a smooth and dependable linkage between all panel connections.
  • Rapid Assembly: Boost on-site formwork erection speed with the use of just four panel widths, saving you time and resources.
  • Hand-Assemblable: Our compact H panel, easily transportable and assembled by hand, grants you enhanced flexibility during construction.
  • Durability Redefined: Benefit from a prolonged service life and effortless maintenance, courtesy of the high-temperature powder-coated or galvanized frame.
  • Space and Cost Efficiency: The formwork’s compact dimensions not only facilitate cost-effective storage and transportation but also contribute to space optimization.

Specifications of HETO Frame Wall Formwork

  • Formwork Panel Composition: Constructed from robust S355 steel frame, lined with 12mm TECON-Form birch plywood, boasting a sleek depth of 73mm.
  • Panel Dimensions: Choose from panel widths of 1000mm, 750mm, 600mm, and 250mm, accompanied by panel heights of 3000mm, 2700mm, 1800mm, and 1200mm.
  • Versatile Weight Options: The multifunction HM panel weighs approximately 45kg/sqm, while the H panel weighs around 35kg/sqm, ensuring adaptability to various project demands.
  • Enhanced Alignment: Our adjustable alignment clamp offers easy fastening and accommodates timber filler joints up to a width of 85mm.
  • Concrete Pressure Tolerance: The formwork system can withstand a maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure of 60 kN/sqm, ensuring robust performance even under demanding conditions.

Applications of HETO Frame Formwork

Experience exceptional results in a wide array of construction projects:

  • Expansive Walls: Ideal for residential and commercial buildings with large wall surfaces, our formwork excels in delivering precision and efficiency.
  • Infrastructure Marvels: Tackle infrastructure projects with confidence, as our formwork system adapts seamlessly to your requirements.
  • Adjustable Columns: Achieve accurate and reliable formwork for adjustable columns, simplifying the construction process.

Elevate your construction endeavors with the TECON HETO Frame Wall Formwork System – a testament to innovation, efficiency, and excellence.

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