TECON Alumi Frame Wall Formwork

TECON Alumni Frame Wall Formwork – an innovative and user-friendly solution designed to streamline construction processes. This lightweight panel formwork system is meticulously crafted to enhance efficiency and reduce labor burdens in projects without the need for a crane. The system comprises a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame formwork panel, a versatile adjustable alignment clamp, and a reliable panel strut.

Key Features of the Alumi Frame Formwork:

  • Effortless Handling: The system boasts lightweight panels and a range of limited panel sizes, making it exceptionally easy to handle, especially in scenarios where a crane is not accessible.
  • Swift and Secure Connections: The adjustable alignment clamp serves as the sole component for all panel connections, ensuring rapid and sturdy joining of panels.
  • Versatility in Usage: Designed for both horizontal and vertical applications, the formwork panels offer flexibility in various construction scenarios.
  • Broad Applicability: The formwork’s inset tie points and an extensive array of accessories cater to a wide spectrum of projects, enhancing its versatility and adaptability.

Specifications of the Alumi Frame Formwork:

  • Formwork Panel Construction: Crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame, the formwork panel is lined with 15mm TECON-Form birch plywood. The panel depth measures 117mm.
  • Panel Dimensions: Choose from panel widths of 1000mm, 750mm, 500mm, and 250mm, and panel heights of 3000mm, 2500mm, 1500mm, and 750mm.
  • Lightweight Advantage: With a weight of approximately 27kg/sqm, the Alumi panel maintains a lightweight profile without compromising durability.
  • Alignment Clamp Flexibility: The adjustable alignment clamp effortlessly facilitates connections and can accommodate filler timber joints up to 100mm for precise wall gap adjustments.
  • Max Concrete Pressure: The system can withstand a maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure of 60 kN/sqm.

Applications of the Alumi Frame Formwork:

The Alumi Frame Formwork finds its utility across a wide spectrum of construction projects, including residential housing, commercial buildings, foundations, swimming pools, and various civil engineering endeavors. Its adaptability and efficiency make it an ideal choice for projects where crane usage is limited or absent.

Experience the future of construction with the TECON Alumni Frame Wall Formwork – a system that elevates productivity, enhances precision, and minimizes labor challenges in diverse construction settings.

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