TECON Single Side Wall Formwork

TECON’s Single Side Formwork (SSF), an innovative standard formwork supporting bracket system, is expertly crafted for efficiently transferring lateral pressure from fresh concrete to the support frame and concrete foundations. This exceptional system eliminates the need for tie rods to traverse the wall.

Key Attributes of Single Side Formwork:

  • Effortless Assembly: The standard frame brackets are effortlessly assembled with the aid of a crane, ensuring a streamlined construction process.
  • Versatile Frame Heights: Both standardized and tailored supporting frame heights are available, accommodating diverse project requirements.
  • Adaptive Design: The system flexibly adapts to varying fresh concrete pressures, achieved through adjustable frame spacing.
  • Easy Mobility: Equipped with cast wheels, the SSF can be conveniently relocated by the workforce.
  • Seamless Integration: Perfectly compatible with all TECON wall formwork systems, ensuring consistent and reliable construction results.

Specifications of Single Side Formwork:

  • Top-tier Operation Platform: The bracket features an operation platform complete with a handrail at its apex, prioritizing worker safety.
  • Height Variability: Different wall heights are achievable based on the size of the main support frame, enabling construction versatility.
  • Impressive Casting Height: A single casting can attain a remarkable concrete height of up to 8 meters.
  • Standard Frame Height: The standard construction frame reaches a height of 4.0 meters, providing a solid foundation for construction.
  • Extension Frame Options: Extension frames are available to accommodate various project needs – Extension Frame A (height: 2.2 meters) and Extension Frame B (height: 1.5 meters).
  • Reinforcement Capability: G.I. pipes and couplers can be employed to brace the system, reinforcing structural stability between frames.

Applications of Single Side Formwork:

SSF is ideally suited for constructing single-sided walls in diverse projects, including:

  • Metro Stations: Perfect for crafting single side walls within metro station environments, ensuring robust and efficient construction.
  • Sewage Treatment Plants: SSF excels in the construction of walls for sewage treatment plants, delivering durability and performance.
  • Excavation Projects: Well-suited for projects involving excavations, SSF guarantees secure and steadfast wall construction.

TECON’s Single Side Formwork stands as a testament to innovation, efficiency, and adaptability, meeting the demands of modern construction challenges with finesse and reliability.

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